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Busiest Car Parking Times for Christmas Revealed

As we move into the peak Christmas shopping period, motoring solutions specialist, easytrip, can reveal that the busiest times at car parks in November and December are between 11am and 3pm, with Saturday unsurprisingly proving to be the most popular day of the week for parking.

The parking insights by easytrip, Ireland’s only provider of combined tolling and parking tags, in partnership with Q-Park, aims to assist Irish motorists with their Christmas shopping plans and have five tips for making the trip less stressful:

1. Conduct online research in advance for gift ideas and retailer locations
2. Plan your shopping route – plot your route by the retailers you plan to visit against your car park location and ensure your last shop is the closest to the car park thus reducing the walking distance while laden down with shopping bags
3. Wear comfortable footwear
4. Take coffee breaks allowing you to stay hydrated and keep energy levels up
5. Navigate the shops efficiently by asking shop assistants where product is located in the store

With over 10,000 parking spaces in 24 car parks nationwide, easytrip allows motorists to avail of the extended Christmas shopping hours in their localities hassle free. The easytrip tag is scanned on enter and exit to the car park and the parking fee is then automatically deducted from the tag holder’s account. For the full list of easytrip car parks visit

“The Christmas shopping period can be quite stressful and in particular if you can’t find a parking space.” says Ciara O’Brien, Head of Operations at easytrip. “Our advice is to plan ahead and go early in the morning or during off peak periods where possible. Having an easytrip tag can reduce your time at the car park as its simply scanned on entry and exit with no need to queue up at the pay station and look for change – allowing you to go straight to your car with all your purchases.”

Motorists with easytrip toll only accounts or have a toll tag with another provider can switch on the easytrip parking service on their tag by logging onto or by contacting easytrip directly on Lo call 1890 67 67 68.